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Prices of the Egerner Höfe Hotel at lake Tegernsee

Gut Steinbach

Gut Steinbach Re-experience values Discover again old values: Home. Family. Nature. At Gut Steinbach in Reit im Winkl are 55 extensively revitalised rooms and suites, a spacious spa and sauna area, four lovingly decorated rooms in an Alpine style as well as an exclusive conference area with a unique panoramic view which await you. Furthermore, enjoy first-class culinary experiences with the regional cuisine of Achim Hack and his team. NEW FROM 2017 At the moment, we are expanding our offer to become a SUSTAINABILITY HOTEL VILLAGE. Beside the hotel estate are THREE NEW SUITES which will be completed in July 2016, in the next stage of development seven Chalets in the traditional Chiemgau style as well as a forester’s house as reception and place of retreat will be built.

Hotel Gut Steinbach Steinbachweg 10 D-83242 Reit im Winkl Tel.: 08640 / 8070

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Relais & Châteaux Park-Hotel
Egerner Höfe am Tegernsee
Aribostraße 19–26
D-83700 Rottach-Egern
Telefon 08022/666-0
Fax 08022/666-200